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Dans le Washington Post, Laura Seay présente l’édition anglaise du livre d’André Guichaoua, membre du comité de rédaction de la Revue Tiers MondeFrom War to Genocide: Criminal Politics in Rwanda 1990-1994.

“Two new books address the context in which both Rwanda’s genocide and its post-genocide, authoritarian development state developed with considerable nuance. Both should be read by everyone who deals with conflict, development and the most challenging questions at the intersection of the two issues.

This seminal 2010 work is newly available in English for the first time. Guichaoua, a sociologist who served as an expert witness at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and in other trials relating to crimes of the genocide, details the complex environment in which the 1994 genocide emerged. It is a meticulously detailed account that challenges both the Tutsi-controlled Rwandan government’s official narrative about the causes, events and consequences of the genocide as well as elements of the international community’s consensus narrative and the denialist accounts of Hutu extremists who still seek to enact their hateful ideology from abroad. Indeed, what is most striking about “From War to Genocide” is how it dispels myth after myth about the Rwandan genocide and Rwandan history.”

Date : 3 juin 2016

Édition anglaise : Guichaoua A., 2015, From War to Genocide. Criminal Politics in Rwanda, 1990–1994, trans. Don E. Webster, foreword Scott Straus, Madison, University of Wisconsin Press.

Édition française : Guichaoua A., 2010, Rwanda : de la guerre au génocide. Les politiques criminelles au Rwanda (1990-1994), Paris, La Découverte.


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